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cereal bowl

More than tradition.

More than lovable.

What is Cerbona? A family to which a lot of things and people belong to. We learn, and we evolve so that we can always give you the best. We approach the everyday life with our innovative products, new developments, awareness and fun.
You must have met us before. We smile at the family table, lurk peacefully in the snack boxes, ease up the long drives, and help you start the year with a new momentum.
We are with you, so that you have a better day!
For more than 30 years, grain has been our heart's desire.

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Did you know?

Fun fact 1

Cerbona has produced muesli for the first time in 1989. Its first flavour was honey, which was followed by sour cherry, chocolate and later on, many more.

Fun fact 2

The circumference of the Earth is 40,075 km. If we wanted to reach around our planet with muesli bars, we would need to use exactly 445,277, 778 slices.  

Fun fact 3

The Cerbona Solar Park is based on more than 76,000 m2 land, which we would be able to cover with 25 million muesli bars.



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