Delicious and healthy. This is the recipe of Cerbona for 30 years. Since 1988, the staff of Cerbona has been working very hard to make their products worthy of their brand name. Cerbona means exactly what its name suggests: a good thing made of cereal (cerealia – bona). With 30 years of experience behind our backs, we always research what our customers like. Seemingly the same: delicious and healthy, but for us, this means more delicious and healthier. Therefore, the Cerbona continuously develops its products and offers new ones to the fans.

Besides, its well-known cereal bars and cereals appeared, its oat bars expanded cereal bars which became the favorites of the customers in no time. We significantly reduced the sugar content for a number of cereal bars and cereals, and its new gluten- and lactose-free products. We obtained the recognition of not only the consumers, but also professionals. The chocolate-cherry flavored gluten-free cereal bar became the New gluten-free product of the year in Hungary in 2017. And in 2016, the cupped gluten-free cereal was chosen among the most innovative products in the world’s largest food exhibition, the SIAL.

As a result of our developments, the Cerbona can always be with the customers. Begin the morning with the oatmeal or cereal, during the day a cereal bar may come in handy, and before or after doing sports. The latest Sport cereal bar will help you to have the necessary energy and mineral materials. For cooking and baking, we recommend our Durillo pastas, as well as our oatmeal flour and oat bran.

On both our Facebook page and on our website, we keep on providing information on our novelties, recipes, lifestyle advice to help our fans to live and eat healthier. Because at Cerbona, we know how something can be delicious and at the same time be healthy.