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Why is it good 

to work for us?

Our goal is to produce high-quality Hungarian products, for which it is essential to find and build an excellent team. Therefore, we pay special attention to the selection of our employees.


We strive to set goals for ourselves and our employees that are attainable, motivational, and that inspires them to reach their full potential. Our employees participate in regular professional and leadership trainings, and we also emphasize investment in individual development. Our company has an internal job application system, which ensures that those interested, can try out their skills in a new field, in a new role. We pay attention to creating a pleasant environment, working in a family-like atmosphere, helping each other's work. We work with 130 people, but we are continuously expanding the company's capacity, technology and products, so we always offer open positions in several areas. We offer opportunities for students, recent graduates and experienced professionals by all means. The settling in of new employees is ensured by a mentoring system.

Let the grain cast its spell on you!

See how your favourite products are made and how our colleagues work! Here you can watch your favourite Cerbona products take shape, from sourcing the raw materials to packaging the finished products. You can find out how a product is developed and what products, in what quantities and in how many countries we produce.


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Hajni, Marketing Manager
Hajni, Marketing Manager

Cerbona is truly a classic brand. In addition to tradition, there is continuous innovation and we always invent something new. It's very exciting to be part of the process, and to work on a brand with a past of over 30 years. Professionals and a good team dynamic assures that we can provide the best for all the brand lovers out there.

Szechenyi 2020