Delicious in every taste
Delicious in every taste. This has been the recipe of Cerbona for 30 years now. Since 1988, the staff of Cerbona has been working hard to make sure that their products are worthy of their brand’s name. Cerbona means exactly what its name suggests: it is a good thing made of cereal (cerealia – bona). With 30 years of experience behind our backs, we always do research what our customers like. Our goal is to deliver more delicious and healthier products. Therefore, we as Cerbona continuously develop our products and offers new ones to the fans.

Presenting the latest Gluten Free products

Thanks to its success so far, Cerbona’s Gluten Free range is expanding with two new mueslis (chocolate-almond, seeds-fruit) and two new muesli bar flavors (chocolate-raspberry,…

Less sugar – with natural ingredients

The production of healthier products that contribute to a healthy diet is very crucial to us. Therefore, we have reduced the sugar content in many…

Cerbona Sport is here!

Cerbona Sport bars are here! Back in October, Cerbona released its brand new Sport bars, which are not only delicious but also nutritious and healthy.…