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Gluten-free, but full of <br> taste! 2021.06.23

Gluten-free, but full of taste!

In the autumn of 2020, Cerbona has focused on sharing stories of gluten intolerant consumers to raise awareness and to share experiences.

The goal of the campaign was to introduce Cerbona’s mission

to serve the needs of gluten intolerant consumers.


More than 10% of hungariand struggle with gluten

intolerance, and Cerbona has been trying to accommodate a solution to their

dietary needs over the years. Our brand has places a great emphasis on

developing products that are enjoyable and suitable for all of our consumers.


In October, Cerbona shared posts of stories of many influencers, and consumers across all social media platforms, to raise awareness of dietary restrictions and provided great solutions in forms of product and recipe recommendations.


Our goal was to discover more about our consumers and their

needs, so that we can improve and innovate to better accommodate their wants.

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