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Try our award <br>winning products! 2021.06.23

Try our award winning products!

The Cerbona Selection Family has won the title of the most innovative product of 2021 in the Inno d’Or competition.

The aim of the new competition launched by Trade Magazine is to reward value-creating innovations every year that provide a solution to definable customer demands, fit into a notable trend, or are a result of n existing development inspired by a definable need.


Those products could enter the competition that has entered the market between 2020 January 1 and 2020. December 31. Moreover, all products entering the competition had to have an innovative characteristic about them to enter.


All entries of the competition have been judged by the profession based on 5 important criteria (innovation, trend, competitive advantage, periodic result, and market opportunity). At those products where it was possible, the judges have also ruled on sensory evaluation.


The Cerbona Selection product family is innovative for a variety of reasons. It brought a new and unique world of taste to the consumers, in a sleek, modern, and premium package design. The brand has introduced new, non-traditional, dessert flavours to its consumers, unlike before where it concentrated its product developments on more traditional flavours.


Cerbona currently is undergoing a complete change of image and one of its first steps towards this renewal is introducing the Selection family to the market, creating a new and unique direction. While maintaining the well-established and beloved, traditional flavours, we have developed a more characteristic product family which puts the aspect of pampering in the focus. We wanted to achieve a feeling of pampering and enjoyment for our consumers, so we paid attention not only to the taste but to the new, light, and airy texture we achieved with crunchy flakes.


We are proud, that our Tiramusi, Rasberry Cheesecake, Doboscake, and Brownie flavoured muesli bars are now innovative prize winners!

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