The story of Cerbona


1962. January 1, the Fejér County Grain and Cereal Industry is founded. Its main activity is grain acquisition and milling, and the production of feed mixtures.

1987 | the production of extruded snacks and breakfast cereals started.

1988 | the Cerbona brand name is introduced.

1989 | the production of cereal and cereal bars started.

1995 | the production of classic cornflakes, the potato- and grain-based baked snacks, chips have started.

2012 | after successful cooperation and tender, the Naponta Kft. purchases the industry of Cerbona Extrudátum.


We have upgraded the range of our bars and modernized our packaging machine.

We introduced our custom developed oat bars, and gluten- and lactose-free cereal bars and cereals to the market.


We placed into operation the expanded cereal bars producing machine using the most modern technology.

We remodelled and upgraded the cornflakes production line.

Out gluten-free cupped cereals were chosen for the world’s most innovative food on the world’s largest food industry exhibition, the SIAL.


The Naponta Kft. received the “Award for successful enterprises” award of the Ministry of National Economy in small- and medium-business categories.

The Naponta Kft. picked up the Cerbona Élelmiszergyártó Kft. name.

We created the gluten-free hall, here we installed the gluten-free bar line, so the technology allows the production of gluten- and lactose-free, vegan bars.

The Cerbona Sport cereal bar appears in the shops, which we recommend before, during and after doing sports.

The chocolate-cherry cereal bar of Cerbona won the New Gluten-free Product of the Year award.

We introduced the Fitt expanded oat bars made of oatmeal and oats with two flavours, as well as a new flavoured oat bar on the market.

As a result of a two-year long research and development work, we renewed our supply of cereals and a cereal bars, and for many products, we have reduced the sugar content.


Cerbona celebrates its 30th birthday this year.  From spring a festive limited edition of Dobos torte flavoured cereal bar with Sugar-free Corn Flakes and two new oatmeals with no added sugar will appear on the market.

The Cerbona helps the preparations of Balázs Baji World Championship bronze medal and European Championship silver medal hurdler. Balázs was born almost simultaneously with Cerbona.

The products of Cerbona make it to 28 countries of the World, besides the surrounding countries, from the Baltics all the way to Japan.