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Cerbona apple muesli 200 g

Product information

Taste the Cerbona apple muesli, it has 30% less sugar! We have created tasty muesli rich in valuable nutritious sources without the addition of any sweeteners! Thanks to the carefully selected plant fibers, our product fits easily in a healthy diet. The almonds, hazelnut, honey, and crispy oat flakes, this makes the Cerbona apple muesli truly irresistible.

Cerbona blueberry muesli 200 g

Product information

New Recipe

Less sweet*

Thanks to the renewed receipt, the Cerbona blueberry muesli became a product more valuable with nutritious ingredients and fibers, which makes it a right fit for a healthy diet.

*When preparing our new formula, we ensured that the taste does not change from the original product, which had a higher sugar content.

The cranberry and raspberry pieces, the raisins, the honey, the crunchy grain, and the oat flakes, this makes the Cerbona blueberry muesli irresistibly delicious.