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Cerbona Durillo bowtie durum pasta 500 g

Italians call it Farfalle pasta a great side dish or a pasta dish in its own! Ideal for Italian pasta dishes.

Cerbona Durillo durum hornet pasta 500 g

Italians call it Cavatelli pasta a great side dish or a pasta dish in its own! It is easy and quick to prepare both of them.

Cerbona Durillo durum spagetti pasta 500 g

ong, round-diameter classic italian pasta, suitable as side or main dishes! In addition, the Durillo durum pasta is made without eggs.

Cerbona Durillo durum penne pasta 500 g

A classic Italian pasta type, perfect for any kind of pasta receipt! No wonder that the pasta-loving Italians cook this kind of pasta!

Cerbona Durillo durum spiral pasta 500 g

Fussili type spiral pasta in which the holes seemed to be made for sauce! It is quickly ready, the cooking time is only a few minutes!

Cerbona Durillo durum rippled square pasta 500 g

One of the favorite pastas of Hungarians you can use it with cabbage or make a sweet pasta, it will be tasty anyway!