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Banana protein muesli bar
Banana protein muesli bar
35 g
he protein - rich Banana protein muesli bar with a protein content of 22% is made exclusively from plant-based protein, which helps to maintain and increase muscle mass. Our Banana protein muesli bar is rich in dietary fiber with valuable nutrient composition, so it can be well integrated into a healthy diet. The muesli bars are irresistibly delicious with bananas, apples, chia * and rolled oat and soy flakes. Try the other protein products as well! Consume after sports as part of a varied and balanced diet while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. * Aztec sage seeds (Salvia hispanica). "
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extrudate (soy protein isolate, tapioca starch, pea protein isolate, wheat protein concentrate, salt, stabilizer: calcium carbonate), rolled oat flakes, glucose-fructose syrup, flattened soybean flakes, peanuts, humectant: sorbitol, flaxseed, banana chips pieces 5.3% [banana 55%, vegetable oil (coconut) sugar, honey, aroma], vegetable fat (palm), maltodextrin, wheat dextrin, dried apple chips (apples, rice flour), honey, chia seeds 2.5% *, glucose syrup, flavouring, emulsifier: soy lecithin. May contain nuts, sesame seeds and milk product! * Aztec sage seeds (Salvia hispanica). It is recommended after sports.

It may contain nuts, peanut and sesame seed!

Átlagos tápérték adatok 100 g termékre
Energia: 1790 kJ 100g / 428 kcal 100g
Zsír: 17.6 g
- amelyből telített zsírsavak: 6.3 g
Szénhidrát: 43.7 g
- amelyből cukrok: 16.8 g
Rost: 8 g
Fehérje: 22 g
Só: 0.37 g
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